Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pre-Marathon Sickness

I thought that my first post would be one to remember, however I don't feel 100% today so I am going to just give you a quick update.

First, welcome to my blog. I started this late on Sunday and have spent a few hours adding the links you see now. I want to make a bunch more changes, but I can do that as time goes by.

Secondly, I know that I included a ton of running links, but I also plan other topics for this blog when we get rolling. However, with the Twin Cities Marathon just over a week away, I'm sure that will be a major topic of discussion.

With that said, it seem that I alway get sick either before or after TCM. I'm not running a fever and I was able to run tonight so no damage done yet. Maybe I can kick this thing over the weekend so I can be at the top of my game next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Very interesting.

Question: What's the connection between running and marching bands?

Answer: They are both GAY.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you allowed that last message to be posted. Don't you screen and censor the messages? You should - just like the communists do.


The Red Curtain

Anonymous said...

Dan: I enjoyed reading your marathon history. Interestingly, this year you will have run more marathons than in any other year. Yet, you are older now than when you first started in 1996. What gives? Are you better with age? Or, are you just more like Don? I think you should add your 'finishing place' to the marathon history.



Dan Deuhs said...


Thanks for taking to time to review my marathon history. Marathons used be an expensive excursion that I could only afford to take part in once per year. This year I will run three out of town races thanks to unsuspecting members of a football office-pool I helped organize. It's unfortunate that I have to steal people's money to teach them that gambling on sports is wrong!