Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dan Deuhs is the winner of the Sioux City Marathon!

I won the Sioux City Marathon. Results are here.

I raced smartly and well early. I was in third place for much of the race but made my move on and soon after the big hills around mile 17. Once I took the lead around 20 miles, I quickly opened it up. The last three miles my legs were aching, probably from running another marathon so soon after Twin Cities. Fortunately, no one was around to pressure me so I was able to bring it home. My finish time was 2:44:30. And yes, I did stop to re-tie my show on top of the big hill. Stopping while racing seems to be something that I am not longer afraid to do.

The weather was fantastic. Low dew points and plenty of sun and clear air. Regarding the weather, KARE11 meteorologist Sven Sundgaard was running! Colin, my dad and I talked to him, his dad and his brother afterwords. I told him I was a blog reader of his. We took pictures...and yes ladies, he get his good looks from his dad.

My father placed first in his age group. He was a happy man at the finish. I have pictures to prove it. He ran 4:22.

We spend the rest of the afternoon playing mini-golf and driving go-carts. Thank you Colin for a fun time. Thank you Pat for an awesome pre-race pasta feed as well as the rest of the meals.


Anonymous said...

I feel like a proud father. My former cube neighbor turned marathon champion. I like to think that the rigors of our dart games helped prepare you for this beast of a test. Congratulations!!

Dan Deuhs said...

You are correct that the dart games helped give me the perseverance needed win such a long race. Goofing off at work does pay!