Saturday, October 6, 2007

Is it too hot to run a marathon?

"We're expecting warmer than usual temperatures and more humidity on Sunday. Risk to runners does increase with warmer weather. Plan to adjust your pace. The humidity and heat will require more of your body so a slower than planned pace is recommended in order to get you to the finish line without overheating.
Pay attention to hydration. Drink if you're thirsty but be aware of over-hydration. If you haven't been feeling well or have been ill in the last week, don't start the race. Seek medical personnel in orange vests along the course and at the finish if you are concerned or are experiencing difficulty."

Runners could be dropping like flies tomorrow. The heat doesn't really change much for me, except to say that I'll try to drink more and hope for the best. It will be entirely too warm and humid if I run my planned pace of 6:00/mile or 6:30. Either way is too fast on a hot day. My only hope is to run smart and drink a lot early. Don't tell my mother that I wrote this.

The above photo is of me from the marathon expo. I am standing in front of a dirty mirror holding a shiny thing.

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