Sunday, October 14, 2007

Your Marathon Questions Answered

The following are answers to questions posed to me in recent days.

Q: How many calories does someone burn running a marathon?

A: Based on my 150lb body and race pace, my Garmin device calculated calories burned as 3,186. This is a bit more than the 3,069 I burned running the Fargo Marathon in May.

Q: Where are your race day photos?

A: View them here.

Q: Your marathon was slower than previous marathons. Is this because you are older and slower?

A: Maybe, however I'd like to think the dominate factor was the humid weather. Sven Sundgaard, marathon runner and Meteorologist for KARE 11 News Weekends described the situation well.

" Uff Da! What an awful day to run a marathon! Who would have thought weeks, months in advance that October 7th would be so warm and humid!? The average high was 63 with an average low of 43. Last year's Twin Cities Marathon, which was 6 days earlier on October 1st, but still a warm day, had a high of 85 but had very dry air, and a nice, cool morning low of 48. For fellow runners of the marathon today who are curious just how 'bad' the weather was, take this in: the average temperature during the race was a very warm 77 with a dew point of 69 (or 77% relative humidity- VERY humid by summer standards not to mention OCTOBER standards!). Last year dew points were in the 40s, very dry air (less than half the water in the air compared to today). The start of the race was 73 degrees. Sunday morning's low (of 72) also set a new record warm low for the whole month of October! (We broke the 70 we broke Friday night, and also broke the record high for the date of the 6th). Some other notable statistics, the average finishing time of participants fell with almost 1,000 fewer people completing the race this year compared to last."

Q: You were running for almost three hours. What do you think about while you are running? Do you ever get bored?

A: When I felt good, which wasn't for long during TCM, I thought about trying to run faster and smoother. I planned out my water, Powerade and energy gel intake. The time goes by fast. Later in the race, I would watch the runners around me. When I would see someone walking, I would think to myself that, "Hey, that guy is walking. Maybe I should too." Not a good mental thought.

Q: What was the best thing about running this year?

A: Two things. All the people that recognized me as an alumni of Saint John's University and cheered for me by saying go Johnnies. I was also running next to another Johnny early in the race. Mile 25, when I realized that I would finish my 21st consecutive marathon under three hours.

Q: Where is Sioux City, Iowa and why would you run a marathon there?

A: No comment.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo of Stone Park Blvd. That must be the most beautiful place in the whole world. Where is that?

Did you order your marathon photos? Do you know when you are being photographed? Isn't that a great investment opportunity for a savvy marathon runner? Is it okay to kiss on the first date?

The pasta dinner is almost ready - we are anxiously waiting for you, John and John.

Anonymous said...

OK. It may not be the best blog in the Deuhs family, but it is certainly the longest.