Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sign Me Up For the 2008 NYC Marathon

Today's New York City marathon TV coverage was enough to get me to get me to sign up for next year's race. I ran it in 2004 and had a blast, although it wasn't one of my better races. Actually, after mile 9, it was more about survival than racing.

Also, my 2:44 time from the Siouxland marathon will allow me to enter New York without going through their lottery system. New York has so many people that want to run they limit the field to 40,000 and people slower than 2:45 must enter a lottery to enter. About 1/3 of the applicants get to enter the race.

Here are some pictures from 2004:

Toilet and snacks were available as we waited for the race to start. It was a 2-3 hour wait.

Someone had a neat idea and brought a tent to rest in before the race.

I took this one after I finished. I was lying on the curb waiting for my legs to recover.

Another interesting tidbit is that about 10,000 of the NYC runners are from foreign countries. Subtract the runners from other states, and you may see that very few New Yorkers actually run their own race.

This was the room I stayed in while in Manhattan. Very small, but good.

You should run this race too. I'm not sure NY is the best marathon in the world, but it is an awesome city to visit.

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