Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dallas White Rock Marathon Recap

Neither Wind, Rain or a Loose Shoelace Could Stop Dan from Running his 23rd Marathon Under Three Hours.

I finished in 2:46 minutes. If you followed my progress by the Runner Updates, the estimated finish times were not correct. I did not slow down the last two miles. In fact, those were two of my faster miles at close to 6 minutes per mile. It was cold throughout the race, but the second half of the race was fun.

It was very beautiful around the lake. The entire course gets a "A" in my book. There were a few hills, but very mild compared to Siouxland.

I was being paced by runners from Texas, which made the going easier. The runners seemed experienced as they ran even paces.

A cold rain came in about fifteen minutes before the start. I wore a garbage bag over my running clothes to keep dry. I discarded the bag right before the start. Once we got going, the rain seemed to end, although the roads were wet and slippery in spots.

For you beer lovers out there, there was free beer at the finish and also inside the American Airlines center. They had hot food there too but I enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies provided by Potbelly Sandwich Works.

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