Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best way to keep up with the Phantom Regiment... Courtney's Chronicles.

Phantom Regiment will offer fans an online tour journal by euphonium section leader Courtney Lawrence this summer. The four-year veteran of the corps will be cataloguing her summer with “Courtney’s Chronicles,” logging her “age-out” season before joining "The Commandant's Own," the United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps this fall."

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Jackie B said...

Hi, I'm Gary Bechtold's sister. He stumbled upon your website and said you're a drum corps junkie. Have you thought about marching again? I'm in Minnesota Brass out of the Twin Cities and we have some baritone or euphonium openings this season (or there's always next season). Check out our website and forum at It's a super fun way to keep playing. We even have some Phantom alums in the corps!