Thursday, July 10, 2008

Garden Explosion!

The following are gardens that Redheaded Meow Meow made.

This first one is what I call Garden 1, part A.

This one is Garden 1, Part B.

I was satisfied with the garden areas, but my Redheaded Meow Meow thought we could do better. She was right. She created Garden 2.

Here is Garden 2 from another angle.

Since the garden creation has gone well, she is in the process of creating Garden 3 toward the front of the house. I think it will connect the front, side and back of the yard together nicely.

We will also use this opportunity to decorate or hide the base of the this pole. Normally, a downspout is attached. I removed it to paint around it and haven't gotten around to putting it back up.

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