Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rain, rain go away.

I painted around the door before the rains came through today (before we are done, the door will be painted red). Redheaded Meow Meow and I spent the rest of the day shopping.

The house numbers pictured above were purchased from Home Depot. They had a very limited selection. I've concluded that Home Depot carries limited selections, has higher prices and inferior products than other stores. Anyhow, during our travel today we stopped at a Lowe's on Robert Street in Saint Paul. We found new numbers that are a bit larger than these that will tell our neighbors that we are bold, rich and arrogant and they better get used to it. Just kidding.

Note, Redheaded Meow Meow just told me that she doesn't like the sentiment regarding the bold, rich and arrogant comment. I told her I was joking, but she still doesn't like it. Comments and suggestions can be posted to


Anonymous said...

Redheaded Meow Meow says... we just need big house numbers so people can find us!

Anonymous said...

I like the larger numbers AND the comments about being bold and arrogant. Not because it was funny, but because it was true. I don't get the whole redheaded meow meow stuff, though. Do you have a cat?