Monday, August 11, 2008

Hound Update - By Redheaded Meow Meow

So after you left, Lucy and I went to make the bed and she had her first accident! #1. I didn't think she needed to go -she'd just gone! tricky hound! she got put in her crate for about 10minutes while I cleaned up and made the bed (HOLY HOWLING HOUND!!) and then we did some work on learning to pay attention with treat bribes. Then we went BACK out for a walk. She likes to just sit down and not move, but after our treat work, I could get her going by showing her a treat. We made it ALL the way up Wentworth to diamond lake road, and then turned right. Across the street from holiday she sort of lost steam. sat down and started doing her howling thing. I think she was really tired and sort of freaked out by all the cars. So she got carried to the coffee shop. They gave her a treat and she spit it out in my hand!! Then we partly walked home. I ended up carrying her from by ava and the dog and those peoples' house. She was sleeping. Then we came in and she had a drink and then sort of made it across the living room. she'd flop and whine and stare at me (I'm sitting on the sofa closer to the AC) and then get up and walk a foot and flop and stare and whine. She finally made it to my foot and whined a little but now is totally conked out. she has her chin resting on my foot! Wait! She just got up and went to her bed!

What a nice hound she is.

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