Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sad day for the Escort

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that the Ford Escort has retired to the large parking lot in the sky. Here is a picture of me with her today.

I purchased her in April of 1996. She was a very good car. Here is a list of some of the more memorable events with her.

* Travels to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin for many drum and bugle corps shows.
* Driving back from a Drum Corps show in Charles City Iowa. The show was actually rained out. We were on Iowa back roads driving at night listening to the Tyson/Holyfield fight. This was the fight were Mike Tyson bite off a piece of Holyfield ear off. It was interesting listening to the fight live.
*Escort had driven to multiple marathons including the Chicago marathon with my brother Ken. It was the first marathon that I ran two weeks after Twin Cities. I was in great shape, but wasn't sure if I could run back to back races like that.
* I slept in Escort the night before my first and only time running Grandma's Marathon in Duluth. Hotels before the race are expensive and at the time I didn't have much money so I slept in the car at the wayside rest. It was cold outside, but I had blankets and the night went by fast. It really wasn't a big deal because the race starts so early that one needs to be up by 5 am anyhow. I had a nice race. I also slept in Escort before a couple Dam to Dam races in Des Moines.
*During the last year, the Redheaded Meow Meow has driven Escort. The car has helped transport Lucy (the best hound in the world) as well as lots of flowers and landscaping materials too heavy and dirty for the Cobalt.

Thank you Ford Escort. You will be missed.

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