Friday, September 26, 2008

Tips for watching the Twin Cities Marathon

Are you planning on watching the Twin Cities Marathon? Let me help you. First here is the official Twin Cities Marathon - Spectator Guide. I picked up a hard copy at my neighborhood Caribou Coffee.

Dan's Tips for Watching the Twin Cities Marathon:
  1. Stay within the Circle. If you plan on watching the race from more than one spot on the course, then you need to plan your escape(s) to your secondary locations. Generally, park your vehicle east of the course.
  2. Stand on the upside of hills. Not on the downside. Runners will be moving slower so you will have a better chance of seeing them and being able to yell to them.
  3. Don't cheer from the the most popular viewing locations. This includes the east side of Lake Calhoun as well as major intersections. Runners will not be able to pick you out from the crowd and you won't be able to see them through the person standing in front of you.
  4. Don't tell runners that they are almost there, until they are really almost there! I would save that cheer for the last mile of the race.
  5. Take your dog and or puppy with you to watch the race.
  6. Bring extra clothing. October mornings can be cooler than you think.
  7. Practice taking action photographs ahead of time and be ready to shot when the runners go by. My mother found this out the hard way and was only able to get photos of me from behind.
  8. Some runners write their names with black marker on their arms. Call them out by name. It really helps lift their spirits.
  9. Don't expect to be able to see you runner friends right after they finish. They need to rest, pick up their warm up clothes, grab refreshments and change their clothes.
  10. Sorry, I only have nine tips. Send me yours and I will include them here. Thanks. - Dan:)

This video is me running by my brother at the 2006 Twin Cities Marathon. This gives you idea how quickly runners come by. Be ready.

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spartacus said...

Tip #10: If you do bring your pets to watch the marathon and they happen to crap on or near the sure to clean it up. The last thing we want are 10,000 runners slipping on this.

Tip #11: If you do not plan on watching the race and get caught in a traffic tie-up and cannot find a way across the race course, do not call me. I refuse to help you people any longer.