Monday, September 22, 2008

We adopted a nice Subaru to fill in for the Escort

Here is a nice Subaru to fill in for the Escort. She and the Escort meet Saturday night. Lucy meet her yesterday and enjoyed the large back area. Everyone is happy.

Are there any former Subaru owners out there...ones that live in Nebraska?


Anonymous said...

that is the most awesome car i've ever seen in my lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Ya' gotta love the Subaru. Take good care of it. It needs lots of attention and a warm and loving home. Are you renting or buying? Make? Model? Year? Mileage? We need to know more. We demand to have facts.


Other Subaru Owners

Dan Deuhs said...

Other Subaru Owners:

The redheaded meow meow adopted the car. I was only the financial adviser on the transaction. She got the car super cheap probably because it was involved in a drug crime or something. I'd give you more specifics, year, mileage etc, but I'm afraid that the dealer will come hunt us down.