Saturday, September 13, 2008

What I like about my Neigborhood.

Within a quarter of a mile from the house, is Holiday Stationstore #25. The store is clean, well stocked and the employees are nice and helpful. It is a excellent place to grab a snack on the way to work or as a pit stop while walking the dog. The store is located on Nicollet avenue and Diamond Lake Road.

Here is a picture of the place.

I purchased a powerball ticket in there for tonight's drawing. I don't play powerball much. I used to contribute with co-workers to play. I don't play with them anymore. I guess when they win, I'll be the only one at work the next day. I stopped because we never won anything. Also, I like to pick my own numbers. My numbers for tonight's drawing are as follows:

16, 18, 31, 37, 44 and PB 18

Wish me and Lucy good luck!

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