Saturday, October 18, 2008

Siouxland Lewis & Clark Marathon - Fourth Place

This morning was the Siouxland Lewis & Clark Marathon in Sioux City, Iowa. The results are here.

I won last year, but this year I didn't do much summer training. I raced well for the first twenty miles. I started at 6:00 per mile pace and almost immediate found myself in fourth place. I was determined to keep the third place runner in sight and for the most part I was able to do that. On top of the steep hill in Stone State Park I saw the second place runner who was now running in third. I learned afterwords from Patty that apparently he took a wrong turn and was passed by the other runner. I thought I would have a good chance to pass him too. Unfortunately, at mile twenty I hit the 'marathon wall'.

Almost with out warning, I was hardly able to keep moving. Up until this point, the doubt of not finishing wasn't even on my mind. Now I was in full marathon shuffle mode. I was able to shuffle in the rest of the way. Fourth Place 2:50.

Here are a few pictures from Friday:

Lucy investigates a wayside rest along I90 in southern Minnesota. She was positive that illegal drugs were nearby. A hound is never off duty.

Here Lucy questions two suspects about their whereabouts on 9/11.

After a long day of fighting crime, Lucy dines alone in her hotel room.

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