Monday, December 8, 2008

Dan's Christmas Present List

The following is my Christmas present list for Santa Claus.

(1) Seville Commercial Work Bench - I saw this bench at Sam's Club and immediately wanted it. It appeared to be very well put together. It is too heavy for me transport in my car. I'm thinking of ordering on-line instead.

(2) Winter Boots - I don't have any picked out yet. I need a warm pair of boots to wear to the dog park. The dog park is the coldest place on earth.

(3) Bargain Hound® Wire Crate - Ok so maybe this isn't something I need but if Lucy had fingers instead of paws she would have her own list. Her current crate is great, but she is outgrowing it.

(4) Taco Bell Big Box Meal - Yummy!

(5) T-shirt, dress socks and underwear - My undershirts are yellow, my socks have holes in them and my underwear...actually I have enough underwear. I need t-shirt and socks.

(6) Games - Anything related to poker!

(7) Mittins - Again...the dog park is so cold.

(8) Ties

(9) Tie Organizer

(10) Anything!!!


Anonymous said...

Where do I put MY christmas list?? Love - Redheaded Meow Meow

Anonymous said...

Where do I send the gifts?

Anonymous said...

How about filming lessons, too?