Friday, December 26, 2008

Lucy's trip to Lake Koronis

Lucy, Redheaded Meow Meow and Dan visited my grandmother's former house on Lake Koronis. Dan took these videos before Lucy and Dan were arrested for trespassing.

Here is a picture of Lucy's torn up pillow in back of the Subaru.

Dan' heavy breathing makes it sound like he is climbing Mt. Everest. He is not. He just needs to run more.


Mary D said...

I really enjoyed your videos. House looks good but different. To bad I'm not living in it :)

Dan Deuhs said...


I was surprised that nothing really changed in the last 10 years...same buildings etc. I thought the place looked rough. Of course, everything this time of year looks worn. By July every cabin will be occupied and there will be a hundred kids at the beach everyday.


Mary D said...

it's to bad redheaded meow meow didn't come up and push you down the hill from behind then it would have really been like the old days!

Was the lake froze? haven't seen a frozen lake in so long !

Dan Deuhs said...

The lake was frozen. I don't remember the name of the closest island, but I remember some of us walking out there one cold Christmas.

mary D said...

I think we called the islands 1st Island and 2nd Island. I'm sure they had REAL names but that is what I remember calling them. The most I remember about Christmas is the green drinks grandma used to make and waiting forever you you and your family to get there so we could exchange presents. My brother would always say here comes the troop, here comes the troops! The food was always go good also! Fun time!