Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trip to the Dog Park

We went to the Airport dog park this evening. The airport dog park is on an 80-acre parcel of land owned by the Metropolitan Airport Commission and situated in the northwest corner of the airport property. The park has a website at Lucy goes to this park four or five days a week.

Here Lucy ventures into a patch of trees and bushes. We attach a second lighted collar to her so that we don't loose her in the darkness.

Here Lucy plays with another dog also named Lucy. At night there are only a few dogs present, but during the day there can be a couple dozen dogs.

There are a lot of nice people at the park. Here someone has left a bunch of tennis balls for dog to play with. We usually bring our own ball, but Lucy is more interested in playing chase or wrestling games with dogs than ball with humans.

Here Lucy puts down her ball to find a hidden stick in the snow.

Here Lucy runs towards a piece of unidentified garbage.

The park is one of three dog parks that we visit. This park is conveniently located to our home. I am thankful that this doggy park is available.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

what was the comment that you deleted? i am curious.

Dan Deuhs said...

Hi Anonymous:

Good to see you again. The comment was a domestic dispute concerning the dog park. I deleted it to assert my power over comment writer who get out of line. Please don't let this be you.