Friday, April 3, 2009

Hound Report from Lucy's Biological Mother

Here is a picture of Lucy's biological mother, Krystal.

If she looks sad it may be because Lucy's dad, Linus recently left her for two new women hounds. Is this MN or Utah?

Here is the report, it was written by Krystal's mother, Patti.

Hi Patty, Thanks for the pictures I am glad to see that my dogs are not the only ones that climb onto thing not meant for them!!!!! I am sad to hear that there is alot of loose stool. Did she every try I/D or low residue food? And some dogs can be on low dose metronidazole when things flair up. We also use Tylan when stools need some help getting rid of over growth of clostridium. Also we use a food additive supplement of Fortiflora, it helps build good bacteria in the gut. I'm guessing you have tried these without much success. Maybe as she settles down with age, so will her guts. We just had a visit from Lucy's brother Radar. He is very much the size of his mom, very fine and only about 35 lbs. sure does have her eyes. Lucy has the pretty eyes with eye liner. Sounds like a few pounds lighter is a good thing. I know it is very hard to keep a good figure on them. Scott always overfeeds food and treats. Turbo did find a great home with two little boys ages 1 & 3. They love him alot, not so much the shedding!! Our kids just finished their spring shed, lots and lots of combing and cleaning the floor!! Well I am glad to hear from you and hear how Lucy is doing. I did get up dates on Joan and Donny. They also have melded into the family like they have been there forever. I do hope the the skin tag just falls off! I guess I better scoot the Kaidyn (grandbaby) is waiting for lunch. Thanks again for pictures and lettng me know how you are doing! Linus has gone to a new home, that was a hard dicission to make!!! But she has 2 females she will be using for breeding and fell in love with him, I had to think long and hard. She actually was my doctor (took me a while to put 2 and 2 togather) I know she will give him a great home and I can go visit any time they live close by. I am awaiting to hear about the new litter. Please take care and hope to hear from you soon. Take care Patti Krystal likes the baby toys.

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