Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exploring the Midwest in Search of Drum Corps Excitement

Last Thursday we took off for our first Drum and Bugle Corps trip of the season. We left Minneapolis planning on driving to Dubuque IA and then Friday on to Rockford, IL for the first DCI show of the year.

We took highway 52 to Rochester. We all wanted to stop, but I had a problem finding a gas station. We finally found a small BP were we could go potty and get a pea snack.

Within another hour or so we arrived in La Crosse, WI. There we enjoyed Grandad Bluff which is a nice park on top of a steep hill overlooking town.

Lucy, the hound queen, enjoyed seeing her territory from high above.

Nice hat!

We continued south along the Mississippi river to Prairie du Chien, WI. It is such a beatiful route. I wish that we would have stopped to take pictures. It is amazing. In town we stopped and played at a visitor center.

We made it to Dubuque early enough to go on a dog walk, eat at a Mexican resturant and stop at the Diamond Joe Casino. I played Blackjack and lost. I had fun. The casino was very nice. It is in an actual building and no longer on the riverboat. It was super clean and new looking inside and out. Afterwords, we drove around town down for a bit.

The morning greeted us with rain and thunder. Everything cleared out by about 10 am, but it was very humid.

Here is our hotel room.

This is the view outside of our hotel looking down Dodge Street. It is more scenic a mile way down by the river.

Our plan was to drive to Galena, IL to check that historical town out. We enjoyed it.

It was hot so Lucy got tired.

Abraham Lincoln spoke from the balcony of Desoto House when he was campaigning for Senate.

This gate is to keep smelly basset hound out of town. It didn't work.

More to come...

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Darren Lanphere said...

Might take a trip to that myself. Always fun to venture into the Midwest. It's almost like forever a frontier. A lot of it has been occupied, but a lot of it can still be discovered. A lot of it can also be owned, but really it's always quite a view. And what history!

Darren @ Mirr Ranch Group