Thursday, June 25, 2009

Exploring the Midwest in Search of Drum Corps Part 2

Our next pit stop was at this Mobil station somewhere between Galena and Rockford.

We arrived in Rockford by 3 pm. Since it looked like rain we decided to leave Lucy at the hotel and watch Phantom Regiment practice. It was a good idea because it was the only marching we would see that day. The show in the evening was rained out. There was over four inches of rain. Here is a picture of the water draining 30 minutes after the storm.

The next day it was hot. We had a long drive in front of us from Rockford to Stillwater. Regardless, we stopped in the Wisconsin Dells for ice cream.

We made it home in time to drop off the hound and get to Stillwater for the night's show. Here are the Cavaliers waiting to begin.

This is Spirit.

This is the Blue Stars with their program called the Factory.

Here is the Madison Scouts taking the field.

Spirit again with balloons in the sky.

This is Phantom Regiment.


The trip was a success.

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