Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Sioux City Marathon Recap

For as well as the Twin Cities Marathon had gone, it was difficult for me to end the running season after the last 10k of that race. Even though I kept myself from walking, I was passed by a lot of runners toward the end. I didn't have enough endurance to even try to pickup my pace during the last mile or even half mile.

I was fairly sure that I would run Sioux City on Monday, but I didn't sign up on-line until Wednesday. I am so glad that I did. It was a great trip.

We left for Sioux City on Friday after lunch. This year we took the interstate the entire way. This meant going to Sioux Falls and then south. We checked into our hotel, picked up my race packet and ordered take out from a local restaurant.

Here is Lucy inspecting the bathroom at the Roadway Inn.

Here Lucy looks out the hotel room. She is sad because I was leaving her to check out the place.

Here Lucy takes a nap before bedtime.

Lucy puts on her jacket so she can watch me run.

It was a nice morning to run. At the start we had sunny skies.

The sunny skies turned into overcast skies about an hour into the run. By then the race leaders had long disappeared from my sight. I was alone running on the trials of South Sioux City. I was in fifth place. At mile 13, the redheaded meow meow and Lucy were there waiting for me. My split was 1:21:43. The runner in front of me was at 1:17:26.

I started to feel good around mile 16 after the first steep hill in Stone State Park. The marathon route is very beautiful. Unlike Twin Cities I enjoyed the last 10k. I finished very strong, in fact I ran faster the last 10k faster this year that I did in 2007 when I won the race. I finished in third place at 2:45:33 after a runner dropped out and I passed the third place runner around mile 24. Results are here.

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